The worlds leading companies are aware that data is the biggest and most important aspect to marketing right now and is the future of online advertising. Understanding who your visitors are and creating specific audiences based on actions is how you ad campaigns will have true performance and reach.

Can You Answer These Questions?

  • Are you currently collecting your audience from every user that visits your website, newsletter, video and social sites?
  • Do you have an ability to analyze all of this data and discover marketing insights in real-time?
  • Can you immediately act on these metrics and show your user customized content?
  • Do you know how many new customers you are missing by not doing the above?
  • Do you have the experience or team who knows how?
GIGGA can help! With our Audience Intel™ technology, we do all the hard work for you and provide you with insight that will change your online impact immediately. Yep, that easy.
Interested? See some more details below.
What is GIGGA Audience Intel™?
GIGGA Audience Intel™ is our premier tracking pixel tag that allows us to effortlessly not only collect, tag, and track your audience, but also assist in tracking behavioral, engagement and conversion metrics.
How does it work?
Through what’s commonly known as a “Super-Cookie” we have a global tracking ID that we assign to each unique user that visits your sites, web properties, newsletters, etc. With that, we can know communicate with the world’s advertising servers and not only show ads to them anywhere, but sync with other servers that have even more details on any particular server.
Do I have to install anything?
We designed the process to be simple, flexible and hassle free. All we need is one group of code placed on your site and the GIGGA Audience Intel™ can do the rest! Our technical team will help and in any scenario / website, we can ensure it has been placed properly.
Is my data secure?
100%. We use sophisticated SSL encrypted servers that collect / store all of the information we collect. For the safety of your audience, we don’t collect anything personal like names, addresses, credit cards, etc.. The user has a long, anonymous and encrypted user ID that only are servers can connect to the original sources / profile details.

Do you have any questions?

You can contact our GIGGA team via our contact form. We will respond within 24 hours.